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Santa Gertrudis Steers

Photo taken at Warenda, Narrabri, NSW

Superior Santa Females

Yarrawonga El Salvador K306(P) record price $90,000

Cow & Calf

2015 Brisbane Grand Champion Bull Wave Hill Jager

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Santa Gertrudis..... Commercially Relevant


Berry Reynolds, Mort & Co

"turning over in excess of 200,000 head per year it is extremely satisfying to feed Santa Gertrudis Cattle"



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Santa Gertrudis..... The Versatile Breed


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Santa Gertrudis

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Santa Gertrudis

Commercial herd - Santa Gertrudis breed of beef cattle.

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Santa Gertrudis..... The Classified Breed


Necessity brought about the creation and development of the Santa Gertrudis breed of beef cattle.

It was desirable in the eyes of those at the King Ranch, Texas, USA where the breed was developed, that other cattlemen should enjoy the benefits of increased production, even in harsh conditions that could be obtained by these cattle.

Since arriving in Australia Santa Gertrudis have gone on to become one of the leading breeds of beef cattle excelling in the areas of crossbreeding, weightfor age, food conversion efficiency and daily weight gain.

Santa Gertrudis use a stringent classification system which ensures any cattle branded with an ´S´ or ´S´ meet the minimum Standard of Classification and are accepted into the Association Stud Book.